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The Redevelopment of Spencer Club (Project ROSC)

The Redevelopment of Spencer Club (Project ROSC) is concerned with all aspects of improving our club. It's not just about building a new club house, but also about changing the way we run our club to ensure that we can continue to meet our members needs for the next 10 years and beyond.

A development committee was set up in October 1999 to plan the approach to this formidable task. Members of this committee were drawn from across the different sports clubs to provide a balanced approach to the decision making process. The Spencer Club Management Committee empowered this committee to make decisions relating to the redevelopment of the Club.

ROSC can be split into broad functional areas, and each ROSC Committee member has been assigned responsibility for one of these area.

Sports development
This is the core of the development of the Club. To ensure our continued success as a sports club for the years ahead, we need to define our sports development goals and ensure that all of our plans go towards achieving those goals and no others.

Management and administration
In the past, the tennis squash cricket and hockey clubs have their own constitution and management committees, and have very much operated separately. The Spencer Club, is effectively another separate club again, its function is to manage the ground and facilities for the sports clubs. Under the current arrangement, members of the Spencer Tennis and Squash Club, Spencer Cricket Club and Spencer Hockey Club automatically become members of The Spencer Club, thereby allowing them to enjoy the facilities and use of the bar.

The plan is to bring all the members of the different sports clubs together into one Spencer Club. We feel that this will enable members to benefit from having access to different sports more easily. It will also allow for more efficient use of resources.

We are hoping to demolish the existing clubhouse, and replace it with a new building incorporating adequate changing facilities for men and women, and improved social facilities for members.

The sports facilities will also be improved, hopefully including new indoor cricket lanes, improved squash courts, an artificial hockey pitch and artificial surface tennis courts.

ROSC unfortunately does not pay for itself, and we estimate that over 2m is required if we are to have hope of realising the vision of our club. Several areas of funding are open to us:

  • grants - eg the Sport England Lottery fund, the Government's New Opportunities fund
  • commercial donations and matching funding
  • loans
  • members!
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